Are You a Human - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using the Whitelist™ on my campaigns?

Just locate Verified Human Whitelist™ by Are You a Human in the “Branded Data” or “Third‐Party Data” section within your buying platform and layer in the segment anytime you want to be sure you are reaching a real person. If you don’t see it, contact either your DSP representative or our support team directly at

If you don’t execute your media campaigns via self-service but work with numerous managed service partners, you may include Verified Human Whitelist™ by Are You a Human in your RFP and IO process.

How do I use the Whitelist™ with other services I’m already using, like MOAT, Double Verify or Integral Ad Science?

Many of our partners use the Whitelist™ as the optimization tool that helps improve the metrics on the reports delivered by verification companies and further eliminate the need for buy and sell side reconciliation after the fact. If you’re using a 3rd party verification service to report on non-human traffic, you will see these stats improve once you’ve begun targeting the Verified Human Whitelist™. You’ll also be able to monitor performance increases using the reporting features of your existing partners.

What kind of results can I expect from using the Whitelist™?

Campaigns targeting Verified Humans have seen, on average, a 2x increase in engagement rates. For more information, download our Video Inventory Case Study here.

How much does the Verified Human Whitelist™ cost?

There are two different business models for the Whitelist™. Partners and clients have the option of paying a monthly “all-you-can-eat” subscription or on a “campaign-by-campaign” CPM basis.

Great, I want to work directly with you to increase performance across all my campaigns; how long is the integration process?

Once the legal paperwork is out of the way, the Verified Human Whitelist™ targeting segment can be populated and ready for full use within 7-30 days. And if you’re already using a buying platform that has integrated the Verified Human Whitelist™, you may be able to start right away.

Have more questions? Please contact us for more information.