The CAPTCHA Madness Infographic

How much of the Internet hates CAPTCHA?  How many are out there on the Internet anyway?  Why do the exist?

The CAPTCHA Madness Infographic is here to answer your questions.


CAPTCHA Madness Infographic: CAPTCHA, the twisted and distorted text challenges, aka the scourge of the internet, are everywhere. And the madness is the growing!

Brought to you by Are You a Human.



  1. Gary

    Love the art and history. All too true. I’ve left many websites frustrated about my own inability to solve one CAPTCHA or another.

  2. Snert

    I’ve noticed that some sites are using multiple choice questions instead of CHAPCHAs, which I think is an excellent idea.

  3. Max

    Snert, we’ve seen the multiple-choice thing too, and we like it from a user experience perspective. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bots out there that can get past multiple choice questions, so it’s not the best option as far as security goes.

  4. Matt

    There are many better ways to ensure humanity other captcha. Multiple choice questions like “is ice cold, yes/no” or what was the year ten years ago with a drop down etc are a much better solution than captcha, and bots can’t solve them. I’ve seen one where you type the answer, either a number or yes/no etc. But everyone likes playing games…

  5. BJer

    Captchas suck and are used by Google to trick the public into helping the automated book scanners decode words that the automation cannot decode

  6. Max Pistoff

    Reality gameshow idea: “Ok, Luis von Ahn, you know the rules in the final round: enter your answer for the Captcha Code: if it’s rejected, the Guys from Jackass torture one of your family. And begin…. Ooops! Sorry, you didn’t use capital letters! Mrs. Von Ahn eats manure! Oops! Sorry, but you used capitals! Junior gets a paintball facial! Oh no, that says cl, not d. Cousin von Ahn licks hornets! Oh,sorry that’s a B, not I3, Twins go in the lava tub. Oh, you entered it correctly, but still got rejected. Granma snorts wasabi. Oh, looks like you entered it correctly, judges, can we accept the correct answer? Oh, theyre on vacation, so let’s just say that answer is rejected! If you do get it right, the twins come out of the lava tub. But for now, that was five tries, so let’s start over- we’ll bring back the other contestants you beat, & play the opening theme, my suit is from Botany500,…tell about what it is you do, Luis..?”

  7. Becca

    After I downloaded BuddyPress, my former “math problem” CAPTCHA no longer worked, so spammers flooded my registration, just at the time when my site generated a lot of exposure from an event, so I know there are many “real” registered users mixed in with the trickery. I really hope this one works for my site! :-) It’s an important time for us…

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