This is Carl.

Carl has a popular web site,

Right now, Carl’s site uses a CAPTCHA.

Carl’s Users aren’t happy.

Janice tries over and over, but she just can’t decipher that darn CAPTCHA correctly. *

* It takes the average person 2.3 attempts to complete a CAPTCHA.

Ted visits on his smartphone, and it takes him three tries to type in the correct letters. *

* Small screens and autocorrect on mobile devices make CAPTCHA even more difficult.

Kathy takes one look at that CAPTCHA and decides to check out a different site. *

* 1 in 4 people will leave a site when confronted with a CAPTCHA.

Bob the bot is very happy.

Bob the Bot completes the CAPTCHA and signs up for fifty spam accounts.*

* Researchers estimate that 1 in every 5 CAPTCHAs online is solved by a bot.

Carl is depressed.

Giving his users a bad experience makes him sad.

Then Carl hears about PlayThru!

It sounds awesome, but he has some questions.

Is it difficult to install?


We support all the most popular platforms and languages, like WordPress and Drupal. (See the full list →) PlayThru can be on your site in less than five minutes!

What if my site gets a lot of traffic?

Not a problem!

We use multiple redundant systems, including Amazon Web Services and RightScale, to ensure that we can scale appropriately to meet demand spikes.

Does PlayThru require Flash?

Flash is, like, so 2007

PlayThru is built with HTML5, so it works like magic in modern, standards-compliant browsers. Our fallback Flash version ensures that even older browsers aren’t left out of the fun.

What if I want different games?

We can work with you

Together, we can create a custom game that goes perfectly with your site. Our easily-adaptable game engine ensures that if you can imagine it, we can build it.

So Carl gives PlayThru a try.

Carl’s users are happy!

* All quotes from real users.

Bob the Bot is stumped

PlayThru actually analyzes how visitors play each game, modeling their behavior against our proprietary humanness algorithm. Even bots that complete the game are stopped. Learn more →

Carl’s conversions shoot up by 40%.

Carl’s happy, Carl’s users are happy, and we’re happy.

Poor Bob the Bot isn’t happy.